Lalit Kumar Pandey

Manager - Business Development

Lalit's Professional Profile

It is an honor to work for an organisation that is expanding in all it’s verticals with a great pace. Excellent work environment and friendly nature of colleagues smoothens the work-flow. Being a business development manager I am responsible for setting the product wise business strategic direction & tactical implementation of the same. I ensure inculcating customer centric approach & goal achievement culture in my team.

My work includes development of marketing plan & business strategies, and implementation in a way that ends up with customer delight & strengthens brand value. I am responsible for creating a brand image for our products & other verticals i.e. projects & dissertation, workshop, technical services & contract research with optimum utilization of resources.

Along with the key responsibilities mentioned above I also have to assist the subordinate in planning, and implementation of the tasks to achieve the targets. I have to identify new business opportunities through expansion of existing products into new markets, or enhancements of existing products to maximize existing market. To develop strategies for newly launched product and meet new market demands. I provide direction and input to all in-house groups such as sales, services and technical support that affect the successful achievement of business objectives. I am responsible for designing & implementation of STP policies & marketing mix.

Lalit's Personal Profile

I am a happy go lucky person and love to spend time with my family & friends. As every Indian is, I am too, a passionate fan of cricket. The passion of cricket does not stop only at watching the cricket matches but expands ahead and motivates me to practice it. Even after the busy work schedule I manage to take out time for my love for cricket and had experienced the magical moments of Indian cricket team in 2007 and 2011 ICC world cup. I am a big fan of Virat Kohli and enjoy his game.

Gardening is another hobby and skill that has developed in me over the years. The joy of witnessing blomming flowers, gives an immense pleasure & sense of happiness. The fact that continuous hard work & care gives fruitful result uplifts the soul. My hobby of gardening has developed a positive attitude in me and motivates me to do good work.

Lalit Kumar Pandey

Royal Cricket Fan
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