Milind Dangre

Team Lead - Strategic

Milind's Professional Profile

I am an energetic, positive, hard working person and always strive to achieve highest standards possible at any given task. My ability to motivate my colleagues and communicate effortlessly with them ensures excellent work environment and enhanced performance of my team. A clear logical mind and a practical approach help me in problem solving and beat competition.

I sincerely believe and practice use of advanced research, strategic planning and negotiation skills to successfully develop business initiatives while maximizing profit, minimizing cost and driving continuous change.

Presently heading the Business Development for BioEra Life Sciences Pvt. Ltd.

  • Heading Verticals – Dealer Management, Sale of Products, Projects, Contract Research, Training and Workshops, International Ventures
  • Sales – Tenders, Order Finalizations, Sale of Laboratory Instruments, Negotiation meeting, Rate Contracts, Handling Sales - domestic and international, Identifying new market segments, Appointing Dealers and expanding network, Dealers Meet, Dealer Relation building, Institutional sales, Hospitals, OEM Tie-ups, Monitoring Activities in Different States, Team Delegation. Outstanding Collection, Brand Building
  • Work Shop and Training Coordination - Faculty training Program, Presentation to Staff, Seminars, Planning Media Coverage, Singing of MoU.

Milind's Personal Profile

I am an open minded person and it has helped me to bridge the gap between generations. My ability to remain good humored even under pressure has helped me in life and earned me a bunch of good buddies. I am a loving person and wish to make positive changes in lives of people around me. With flair to travel I like to meet new people and make friends. My love to travel distance places and enjoy the adventurous tours has gifted me friends from different places and varied cultural backgrounds.

While traveling to different places I have also developed my taste buds and cooking skills which often surprise my family and friends. My weekend sessions of cooking are an open invitation to one and all for a feast. The quality time spent with my kids and family are the reason behind my strength and harmony during the hectic schedule of workplace.

Milind Dangre

Avid traveller & weekend chef
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