Phijo Jacob

Director - Business Development

Phijo's Professional Profile

It is an honor to work for an organization that is expanding in all its verticals with a great pace. Excellent work environment and friendly nature of colleagues smoothens the work flow. I am responsible for setting the product wise Business strategic direction and tactical implementation of the same.  

My role as a Director – Business Development is exceptionally challenging as I have to set up a product wise business strategy when we meet our customers. I love when I implement my plan of customer delight and creating a brand image of BioEra. Along with the key responsibilities I also love to assist the subordinates in planning and implemented the tasks to achieve the targets.

I have to identify new Business opportunities through expansion of existing products into new markets and also develop strategies for newly launched products. I provide direction and input to all in house such as sales, services and technical supports that affect the successful achievement of Business objectives.

Phijo's Personal Profile

My love for sports goes back to my third standard from when to begin winning certificate in athletics. I won four athletic championships at a row during school days. I won my under 19 gold medals in100 meters and 200 meters for Pune University at college level. And under 19 silver medals in 100 meters and 200 meters for the state of Maharashtra in 1988. I also represented myself in all India Nationals and all India University.

I do have a passion for good food and love cooking in my spare time and love to cook especially when I have relative and friends coming home for dinner and lunch. Gardening is my hobby. My hobby of gardening has developed a positive attitude on me and motivates me to do good works.

Phijo Jacob

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