Lyophilizer (Vacuum Freeze Dryer) – Model Marvel (-80⁰C)


• Construction: Stainless steel cold trap and sample holder trays ensures corrosion resistance and convenient cleaning
• Capacity: Capable of capturing 3 kg of water per 24 hour drying cycle
• Pre-Freezing: Spacious coil-free opening trap that allows pre-freezing of samples at -40⁰C and thus saves cost of having additional low temperature freezing system
• Drying Room: Bell-type drying room manufactured with organic glass is secure and transparent, allowing for clear visualization of lyophilization process
• Manifolds: Allows for lyophilization of wide spectrum of sample volumes – Top Press Multipipeline Manifold facilitates connection of eight different sizes of flasks ranging from 100ml to 1000ml – T Type Manifold accommodates 24 ampoules via rubber adaptors equipped with regulator functionally – Top Press Manifold provides feasibility of vial Lyophilization
• Display System: 7 inch TFT LCD touchs Screen display
• Data Storage: Utilizes an embedded circuit design and provided with 128 MB FLASH memory, for storage of up to a dozen lyophilization runs
• Data Transfer: Front-mounted USB port allows for convenient transfer of lyophilization curves through U Disk
• Achievable Vacuum:< 15 Pa
• In-built nitrogen inflation valve

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Additional information

No-load temperature

< – 80⁰C

No-load freeze area

0.08 m2

Plate load materials

1 L

Water capture capability

3kg / 24 h


< 15 Pa


950 W


220 V ± 10 % 50Hz


USB 2.0

LCD Screen

7 inch TFT Touchscreen


680 X 450 X (725 + 450) mm


125 kg

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