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BioEra offers state of art services required for Life Sciences sector. We are fastest growing Indian biotech company with diverse range of offerings into instruments, bio-tech research, development & manufacturing; a one stop solution for all your requirements in biotechnology and bioinformatics.


BioEra develops and manufactures best in class laboratory instruments and consumables that perform consistently at the highest level of precision and accuracy. We are committed to offering our customers the finest quality and the most dependable laboratory products available anywhere.


BioEra strives to introduce new & innovative products for emerging markets globally. BioEra stands firmly to provide an unequalled commitment to supporting its customers beyond the initial sale by providing the finest quality products and services and ensure they always function as promised.




In a short time span, since the inception of BioEra in 2006, BioEra has developed more than 500 products in its portfolio.


BioEra is approved by Department of Scientific & Industrial Research, Ministry of Science & Technology, Govt. of India.


BioEra conducts training in Life Sciences sector for students & professionals from academic, research & industry.


BioEra is recognized research center for conducting & awarding Ph.D. in various Life Science courses (Microbiology, Biotechnology & Environment Science).


BioEra has active collaboration with various universities, research institutes, colleges & scientists in Life Science sector to drive innovation in research.


BioEra research & manufacturing competency provides strong foundation to industries & budding entrepreneurs to develop concepts to designs, prototypes & products.

R&D Center

An exclusive R&D center spread over 40,000 sq. ft. area at Tathawade, Pune.


A techno savvy office spread over 2,000 sq. ft. area at Fergusson College Road, Pune.



One Man, One Vision, One Journey

Siddharth Salunke, a native of Pune (Maharashtra-India), has long understood the vitally important role of Biotechnology within the scientific community. Life Sciences had always interested him; and it was from this passion that in June of 2009, Siddharth founded BioEra Life Sciences.

Pune, Maharashtra’s second largest city, is an established hub for the Engineering and Information Technology sectors. However, the Biotechnology sector had remained relatively underrepresented. Siddharth saw this discrepancy, recognizing that with the right elements of support, the Biotechnology sector was positioned for significant expansion and development. Siddharth applied this entrepreneurial vision, seeking to make and offer products that provided greater ease of use and economic feasibility to schools and laboratories for carrying out their essential laboratory procedures. Siddharth’s entrepreneurial strategy was centered on bringing together, in pieces of lab equipment, the benefits of high performance, good quality, and low cost. Thus was launched the conceptual foundation of BioEra.

BioEra started operations, from a small 500 sq. ft. facility, with just one product, the MicroPipette (a micro volume delivery system). This initial product was sold under the brand name “EonPipette.” From the beginning, due to its high quality, consistent performance, and favorable price point, the EonPipette was very well received across the Education, Research, and Medical sectors. In the following two years sales of the EonPipette grew very substantially.

In 2009 Asha Salunke (Siddharth’s wife) joined the BioEra team. As an experienced microbiologist with a background in protein analysis, Asha was instrumental in the development and launch of BioEra’s second successful product line, Electrophoresis Systems (Submarine/Vertical/Tube Gel). Soon after introduction of this product line BioEra expanded it to include Teaching Kits, which now offered ready-to-use packages of reagents and solutions making it very easy to perform any number of experiments. As with the EonPipette before them, these products also offered high quality, consistent performance, affordability, and were well embraced by customers.

Year 2009 – Crafting Identity and Building Infrastructure

Demand for BioEra’s products continued to grow, and quickly outpaced the production capacity of BioEra’s first facility. In late 2009, feeling the constraints of this small facility, BioEra relocated its operations to a new facility in Pune with an initial workspace of 2000 sq. ft., which it soon expanded to 4000 sq. ft. With its continued vision toward strategic development, BioEra also procured a 10,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility in Sansawadi, as well as a 10,000 sq. ft. facility in Daman. This expanded infrastructure introduced capabilities in molding, mechanical, and electrical. These changes brought BioEra to a new threshold in manufacturing and operations, and marked a major transformation for the company. Product offerings now included PCR processors, Centrifuge, Gel Imaging Systems, Steam Sterilizers, and Spectrophotometers. BioEra also entered various functional verticals within Life Sciences utilizing its in-house expertise. These verticals included training and technical services for Genomics, Proteomics, Immunology, Tissue Culture, and Microbiology. This year marked a period of significant change for BioEra with respect to market acceptance and recognition.

Year 2012 – We Revolutionize

BioEra’s strategic development took another major step forward in 2012 with construction of an exclusive Research & Development center at Tathawade, Pune. Innovation and advancement have always been key elements of BioEra’s culture, and this commitment was reaffirmed by development of this important infrastructure. BioEra’s R&D center was designed, built, furnished, and made fully operational within a time frame of just 90 days.

Year 2014 – Milestones

BioEra achieved significant accomplishments in 2014 that demonstrate its dedication and commitment to advancement of the Life Science sector by on-going strategic development and working with key partners.

These milestones include:

  • DSIR recognition for in-house research by Government of India, Ministry of Science & Technology
  • Launch of global operations from Malaysia
  • Inception of Bioinformatics branch 10th day of March 2014
  • Started techno savvy marketing head office spreader in 2000 sq. ft. at FC College Road, Pune on 1 Day of November 2014
  • BioEra R&D center expanded to 40,000 sq. ft. including a separate facility for product assembly.

BioEra’s development continued with the introduction of additional products, which include: Plant Tissue Culture work station; glassware washer; lyophilizer; ultrasonicastors; electroporation assembly, gas chromatograph; and flame photometer.

From its training center, BioEra began implementing various workshops on laboratory procedures and techniques that have trained more than 300 students to-date. In all, BioEra has served over 1,000 students from its learning program and training platform.

BioEra has developed strong functional relationships with numerous universities, research institutes, colleges, and scientists in the Life Sciences sector. BioEra initiated a platform of MoU to assemble research expertise under one stem with an objective of global expansion

Year 2016 – Era of Life

Unleashing the vast potential in Life Sciences research remains a committed focus of BioEra. Through our products and services we strive to further strengthen research teams and to facilitate their efforts in this important sector. With this commitment we are very energized and excited about our newest instrumentation laboratory. This new, 2500 sq ft facility will be furnished with our finest instrument base to-date, and will be able to support as many as 100 trainees in advanced laboratory work.

We believe, strengthen, and continue…

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