Plant Tissue Culture Workstation


• Construction: Interior chamber manufactured with mirror stainless steel resist corrosion and facilitates even diffusion of light. Chamber doors are manufactured with clear glass for ease of viewability
• Air Supply: Intellectually designed with Radial flow blast advancing convection circulation for effective and efficient air fluidity and temperature uniformity throughout the work chamber.
• Compressor: High quality compressor, circulation air duct and non-fluorine cryogen offer high performance that is energy saving and eco-friendly • Control System: User-friendly control panel equipped with LED indicators
• Anti-Condensation: Ultrasonic Damping Technology prevents condensation of vapors on inner walls of Workstation • Mobility: The base of the unit is equipped with wheels. • Memory Function: Machine comes equipped with Memory Function in case of power failure
• Lamp: Full spectrum white light lamps and fluorescence lamps, facilitates plant growth with improved disease resistance • Temperature Range: 0°C – 50°C
• Humidity Range: 50 % – 95 %
• Light Intensity Range: 0-5500 LUX
• Application: Seed germination, Seedling breeding, Plant group foster and cultivation, Breeding of insects and Microbial Culturing etc.

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Additional information

Temperature Range

0°C – 50°C

Humidity Range

50 % – 95 %

Light Grade

0 – 3 grade

Light Intensity

0 – 5500 LUX

Time Range

1 – 24 hours

Heating Power

500 W

Compressor Power

190 W – 320 W

Humidifier Water Tank Capacity

3 L

Power Supply

220 V ± 22 V; 50 Hz ± 0.5 Hz


1000 L / 500 L


1260 × 660 × 1785 mm

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