High Speed Programmable Centrifuge Model Neopace


• Attractive look
• Bench-top design
• Centrifuge body is made up of high quality steel with three layer steel jacket to ensure the safety
• Anodized aluminum or stainless steel rotors for consistent performance, durability & reliability
• Low working noise i.e. ≤58 dB
• Electric lid lock – actuated by unit lid
• LCD with digital display
• Offers 10 levels of acceleration and deceleration for improved working
• Auto diagnosis of functional errors in the machine
• Auto diagnosis of rotor imbalance to ensure safety
• Machine design facilitates easy replacement of rotors
• Machine parameters can be modified while machine under operation condition
• Timer can be set between 1 – 59 minutes with an increment of 1 minute
• Autostop Function as the timer countdown comes to zero
• Centrifugation between 300-16000 rpm with an increment of 10 rpm
• Maximum RCF: 20600 Xg
• Maximum Rotor capacity: 6 places × 100 ml (8000 rpm)
• Additional accessories like adaptors and rotors available at an additional cost
• Brushless DC frequency motor with simpler construction, more reliable performance & longer life
• Minimum running noise & without vibrations
• Flexible Axle driven system which drive the rotor directly, smooth in operation
• Protection for imbalance
• Microprocessor control Speed & time
• Rotor is connected with spindle by specialized taper sleeve for easy loading
• Speed Accuracy: ±10 rpm/minute
• Approximate weight: 42 kg
• Dimensions: 510 × 370 × 320 mm

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