Glass Ware Washer


• Memory function
• Display screen: LED
• Volume of the Cabin: 160 L
• Auto controlled utilization of washing reagent
• Water pressure in inlet: 0.04 – 1.00 Mpa
• Water pressure during washing: 0.3 -0.4 Mpa
• Provision of auto liquid level alarm
• Provision for double water inlet
• Seven different types of Auto washing programs
• Offers washing of multiple types of Glass wares
• Offers washing of multiple types of stainless steelwares
• 3D (Three Dimensional) high pressure continuous spray for Washing
• Screen displays progress of process, time, temperature etc.
• Provision of the alarm system to indicate the end of washing process
• Auto draining double pump and double stainless steel filter system monitors the separation and draining of the dirt particles from water
• Auto water softener system ensures washed glass wares and machine parts free from water scale
• Brightener distributor monitors brighteners distribution
• Safety system of machine ensures user to diagnose and identify the problem with the error display alarm
• Stainless steel cabin ensures durability at high temperature working of the machine
• Stainless steel cabin also ensures resistance to corrosion and easy cleaning
• Working noise <=50 dB
• Dimensions: 590 x 595 x 850 mm
• Weight: 43 kgs

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