Fluorescence Spectrophotometer Model QUO NEO


• Provision of intelligent pre-scanning feature assists in rapid detection of unknown sample’s spectrum
• 365 nm exciting wavelength Raman peak of water in 1cm quartz fluorescence cuvette S/N ≥150
• High performance sensitivity makes analysis possible for even sample’s having lower detection limit
• Feasibility of Offline and Online support. Under offline mode, instrument’s computer system offers the fluorescence intensity measurement, concentration direct reading, auto 0 adjustment, auto background subtraction etc. Under on-line mode, use of quality and quantity software can be done to for data acquisition and analysis through USB 2.0 interface.
• Highly efficent 150W Xenon Lamp
• Total spectrum scanning could be completed in just 1 second
• The emission monochromator adopts a 1200 g/mm grating
• Realtime display of fluorescence and concentration values
• Multi-point linear regression can be performed at any time with the universal data processing software package
• Compact Design with Attractive Look made up of engineering plastic
• 7 inch crystal clear touch screen display
• Easy Access to Software and compatible with all latest operating system

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150W Xenon Lamp

Fluroscence Display Range

0.00 – 600.00

Excitation Wavelength

365 nm, Optional (250-700) nm

Wavelength Accuracy

± 1 nm (Emission Monochromator)


Level 1-17 Adjustable


Interface USB 2.0


110/220V; 50-60 Hz; 190W


380 X 440 X 310 mm


13 kg

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