Microplate Reader Model Enore


• 10.4-inch colored LCD display with user friendly touch screen operations
• Rotatable LCD screen for better viewing
• Sophisticated visualization of panel and panel data
• USB PC interface
• Good repeatability, stability and accurate measurements
• Offers multi-mode options like endpoint method, kinetic method and inhibition rate
• Compact design of optical path system with long term maintenance free
• Fast scanning speed with high sensitivity
• Automation of switch door and sampling test
• Ultra-fast quantification of ELISA, DNA and RNA
• Three-point measurement of the cup which include center, rear and the front

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Additional information


10.4 Inch color LCD screen with user friendly touch screen operation

Display Screen

Rotatable (Sitting angle can be adjusted freely)


DC12V 22W Tungsten halogen lamp

Optical Path

8 Channel Vertical Light Path System

Reading Range

0-6.000 Abs

Power Input

AC 100-240 V 50/60 Hz


11 Kg

Dimensions (W x D x H) mm

444 X 320 X 220-400

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